Wednesday, August 20, 2008

One day at a time

Climbing back from goal-overload-explosion-land has been interesting. The last two nights were previously scheduled to be delivery nights for the furniture ministry at church and I'm really glad that's how I spent that time. It really helps you get past yourself when you see how others are living.
Tonight though: tonight it's about me. Well, it's about my mom's garden THEN it can be about me. Actually, I really need to clean the house before my in-laws come over this weekend for "a talk" (our request), so I need to tend my mom's garden while she's out of town, then clean my house, THEN it can be about me.
At that point, I think it's going to be about sleep.
But I do miss sewing. So I think maybe I'll darn some socks or make a few more hankies. Just something quick and simple to take my mind off lifestuff.

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