Friday, August 15, 2008

My lakeside camping weekend goals:

Do nothing, except:
sleep in
pitch in on cooking and cleaning up the campsite
spend a lot of time sitting in the sun (if we get any)

Do no:
job searching
business prospecting
spending (I have to stick with some things!)
christmas planning
road trip planning
menu planning
thinking about any other future time/trip (just focus on this weekend)
planning of any kind

See, I was tempted to:
bring my laptop to search for a new job
brainstorm more ideas for generating more income and christmas gifts
work on some handcrafts
menuplan for next week
finish making arrangements for the furniture ministry deliveries next week

If anything, I may:
-put some feelers out to a few people that I think might be interested and/or good at taking over the two ministries I'm currently leading or coordinating.
-bounce ideas off my hubby about realistic lifestyle changes

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