Thursday, August 14, 2008

More Ideas

This post is a cross between Christmas goals and Generating Extra Income goals. The more I plan for Christmas gifts, the more I think - why couldn't I sell those too? And the more I think of things to make to sell, the more people I think of to Give them to as gifts! (so cool how that works!)

Here are more things I've thought of to give and sell:

Blank greeting cards with my photos on the front (of course, with recycled-by-me paper)
Floppy Bears (Think bear rug but smaller. It'll have a stuffed head, stuffed paws and tail, but nothing inside the "body.")
Fabric stacking blocks (for baby)
Hand puppets

I know the list will keep growing and growing. I'm just thinking I should make the items for Christmas, then decide which are the least time consuming to make and focus on those.

Hm. So as for goals...
Make Christmas Presents and go from there?
No, not specific enough.
Hm. Make Christmas Presents, track how long each takes to make, and when all is said and done, choose 5 or 6 items to focus on making more of.

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