Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Christmas Gift Progress

I have #1 completed (list everyone I'll be making a gift for this year). Not only that, I listed everyone I'll be sending a card to this year as well. We haven't done that in about 3 years because it just sneaks up on us! Plus, I'm not highly motivated to do it because I find it's just an unnecessary detail. More of an obligation. And so expensive.
But I'm making my own paper this year, so there! We're not sending them to everyone we've ever met, just 45 homes. Most of that is family and probably 7 or 8 friends.
For gifts, I have 21 gifts to make. 6 of which could be consolidated (couples). So that would be 18, but I'm not counting out the possibility of making 21.
The next step for this goal is to brainstorm gift options for each of them. That's a lot of brainstorming!!
I also stumbled upon the Handmade Holiday 2008 flickr group tonight! What timing, huh?! Check it out, we share photos and ideas, encouragement, etc in our plans and efforts to make this holiday season a handmade!

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