Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Christmas Gifts Goals

I took the Buy Handmade Pledge, and I intend to keep it! Except I intend to actually "do the making" myself! The pledge says "I pledge to buy handmade this holiday season and request that others do the same for me."
I want to include cards in this. I snagged a paper making kit at a yard sale this summer for a dollar, so I'm going to make my own paper. My hubby and I started making our own cards a few years ago, so we'll continue doing that with the stamping supplies we've collected.
I'm putting this in my goals list because from previous experience, I know it takes more time to make some (many) gifts than it does to go out and purchase them. As a long-time cross-stitcher, I have given many pieces as gifts. There are also many pieces that I've MEANT to give as gifts, that didn't get done in time!
So, I'm going to start now, to ensure that I have a stress-free December!
Christmas Goal/Plan:
1.) List everyone I need/want to make a gift for.
2.) Brainstorm gift ideas for each person.
3.) Make "final" decisions on gift choices.
4.) Decide how much time to allow each gift to be made.
5.) Schedule gift-making.
6.) Determine what materials will need to be purchased for these gifts.
And while we're talking about scheduling, let's make sure I don't take three months to do the preceding 6 steps!
My goal is to have a Christmas Gift Plan defined and in place, (on my planner) by the end of this week (August 16th).

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