Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Day 1: Some progress

Tuesday nights my hubby hangs with the guys, so I usually do errands, visit a friend, or just hang at the house. Last night I ended up working really late and got home at 8. I actually did the dishes left over from breakfast and lunch prep! I also prepped a crockpot meal and cleaned up after that too!
That's where my progress ended.
I didn't clean up (personal hygene) as I'd intended, and although I set my alarm early, I didn't wake up in time to have a quiet time. Actually, I didn't even wake up in time to hang the wash on the line outside! Oops.
Then I couldn't find the book I've been reading from my reading list. Obviously I need to read it more often! So I grabbed another book from the list to start on. At least I'll get something done!

I've learned once again that nightime prep is incredibly important! If I'd had a lunch made last night, I'd have had time to look for that book. Or hang the clothes on the line outside. If I'd showered last night, I'd still have had time to have a quiet time.

I think that's key to it all.
Why is it that the nighttime, when all I want to do is veg out, is the key time to get these things done?
But I am becoming a finisher!
I am becoming a finisher!
I am a finisher!
I keep saying it...maybe it'll "take" one of these days!

{deep sigh}

So how do these goals grab ya:
clean the kitchen after dinner every night
organize one drawer or shelf every night
make breakfasts & lunches before doing the dishes
prep the coffee for my hubby at night
shower at night
set asside outfit for the next day every night
find everything I'll need to take to work the night before
~any returns
~daily reading
~grocery lists
~written daily plan!

I used to take care of a child with multiple disabilities. One of the tools I implemented while working with him each morning was writing out the plan for the day. When something out of the ordinary was going to happen, it would go on the list so he knew what to expect and there were no surprises. Of course, the day didn't always go according to plan, but he was more prepared and better able to handle changes when he could look at the plan, even if it had changed.

For a short time I did this for myself at work (another job) and it really helped me stay on track, not forget things & stay less scattered. More steady.

I may implement that as well. Prepping at night, including the written daily plan. Hm.

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